Acheelles Public School

Education , being the primary focus area of the Trust, it runs Acheelles Public School, a CBSE School which has a motto of “Teaching Humanism”.

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Shimmering Stars Play School

The Trust runs this pre school which primarily focuses on the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills

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Shimmering Stars Special School

The special school worsk actively for children with autistic traits, speech problems, hyper activeness, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, etc and due

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Shimmering Stars Activity Centre

The Trust also runs a hobby/activity center for children of various age group , providing them with training on Dance, Chess, Gymnastics, Art etc.

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Shimmering Stars Day Care & Creche

Shimmering Stars Day Care and Crèche has been providing support to many working parents by completely taking care of their child from morning to evening

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Angels Grooming and Training Centre

The Centre offers various training and grooming programmes like Soft Skill, Personality Development, Training of Caregivers, English Speaking etc. specially for ladies.

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Nursery Teachers Training Center

AAECT has taken affiliation from Advanced Information on Early Childhood Care and Education(AICCE) New Delhi for running the Nursery Teachers

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Angels Center for Rehabilitative and Therapeutic Services (A.R.T.S)

A.R.T.S is a state of the art comprehensive rehabilitative and therapeutic unit of AAECT which was inaugurated on 29th June 2018 with facilities

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