a) To support and promote the advancement of educational activities in all its branches such as kindergarten, primary and high schools for normal as well as Specially abled children.

b) To establish special centres integrated schools for the specially abled children to provide them treatment and education under the same roof, provide rehabilitation programmes and vocational training and help them be self-dependent and self- employed.

c) To establish centres for various educational programmes with special emphasis on the technical education for the rural youths and artisans for creating opportunities for employment including self-employment.

d) To sponsor or help to run academic institutions hostels for boys and girls particularly for the weaker sections of the society including SC/ST and women for education and training.

e) To establish old age homes and orphanage homes and provide food, clothing and shelter for the poor and the needy persons.

f) To make planning and development of institutionalized education in accordance with the directives given by the competent authorities of the Education Department of the state and centre.

g) To establish or take over hospitals in all or any of their departments and functions to provide services to the needy of poor people.

h) The trust shall be for the benefit of the institutions to be created by this Trust and the institution so created by this Trust shall be beneficiaries.