“Rehabilitation of Physically and Mentally and Socially Disadvantaged Persons”

More than 40 number of Children with Intellectual Disabilities are being provided therapeutic services at our state of the art Autism centre under the above scheme by SSEPD Department, Government of Odisha.

“Care and Protection of Spastic Children”

60 Children affected with Cerebral Palsy and Spasticity are being rehabilitated and provided with therapeutic services at our state of the art Centre for CP/ Physiotherapy.

1.Shimmering stars special school: School for Autism

The special school continues to actively for children with autistic traits, speech problems, hyper activeness, ADHD, Cerebral Palsy, etc and due to the timely and appropriate intervention, many children have shown tremendous development in their condition. Shimmering Stars Special School has been working on children of 2yrs and above and has come with some success cases where the children have been almost cured of their problem and now have been integrated with normal school. Specially trained staff, speech therapists and occupational therapists provide t5he therapist to such children. The Trust got itself registered under PWD Act 1995 bearing registration number 547/2015

2.Shimmering stars play school

The Trust runs this pre school which primarily focuses on the development of fine motor skills, gross motor skills, sensory skills, cognitive skills, social, communication and emotional behaviour. Gradually, the school is generating awareness regarding these among the parents. It strictly follow the early childhood teaching methodologies very meticulously focusing on holistic development of the child.

3.Shimmering Stars Day Care and Crèche

Shimmering Stars Day Care and Crèche has been providing support to many working parents by completely taking care of their child from morning to evening which allows them to work peacefully in their office. It acts as a boon especially for the working mothers.

4.Acheelles Public School

Education, being the primary focus area of the Trust, it runs Acheelles Public School, a CBSE pattern English Medium School which has a motto of “Teacher Humanism”. Apart from imparting quality education, the school focuses on inculcation human values and ethics in the children and teaches them to be modern yet stay rooted to their culture. This year Std IV has been started and gradually the school will be taken up to Std X. The school has applied for No Objection Certificate form Directorate of Elementary Education, Govt. of Odisha. This school also integrates the autistic children in the primary classes.

5. Nursery Teachers Training

AAECT has taken affiliation from Advanced Information on Early Childhood Care Education (AICCE) New Delhi for running the Nursery Teachers Training Programme.

6.Activity with Orphans and free Distribution of Aids

On the Occasion of Literacy Day,30 orphan kids were brought to Acheelles Public school and were exposed to the normal classroom teaching along with Acheelles Students. A Drawing Competition was organized for them gifts were given to each one of them. Free books, colouring items, copies etc were also given to them. A special Self Defence Session was given to them by a Martial Art Trainer.

7.Breast Cancer Awareness Camps

The Camp was organized to create awareness among women about Breast Cancer. Self Detection techniques were taught to the ladies and free heck up camp was done by renowned Oncologist from Delhi. The Camp was organized in association with Rotary Club of Cuttack Mahanadi.

8.Blood Donation and Awareness Camp on AIDS

AAECT organized a blood donation camp collaborating with Rotary Club of Cuttack Mahanadi and Red Cross. Many renowned celebrities and personalities donated blood on the day. A total number of 64 units of blood collected. An awareness drive by counselling the donors personally regarding AIDS was also undertaken on the same day.

9.Free Blood from Blood for the needy

AAECT has set up a help camp for needy people to free the blood bank in SCB Medical with the coupons collected during the blood donation camp. Our volunteers also help the needy people in the hospital to arrange donors and blood.

10.Awareness and Orientation Programme on Detection of Early signs of Autism

A specific topic for Mothers was in the session “Role of Parents in the Holistic Development of Child” was dealt in the awareness camps and orientation programmes for parents in different places of Cuttack District. Specific queries of the participants were addressed by the A specific topic for Mother was dealt with in the session “ Role of Parents in the Holistic Occupational Therapists present in sessions.

11.Nation Builders Award

AAECT felicitated the builder of the future...the teachers with the Nation Builders Award on the occasion of Teachers Day.

12.Awareness and Orientation Programme for Grandparents

Special awareness programmes targeting the grandparents only was organized where they were oriented about the techniques of dealing with special children in case of joint families and working parents, it is the grandparents who spent the maximum tine with the children. Apart from orienting them, some attractive games and gifts were arranged for the old people to entertain them.

13.Free Refreshment Drink Shed For People

Odisha has scorching heat in the month of May. Hence we put of a free curd drink refreshment counter for passer bys to protect them from sun stroke and keep people hydrated.

14.Hand Wash Awareness Programme

A handwash awareness programme was organised for children for orienting them about the importance of washing hands.

15.Free Distribution of Eatables and Clothes on Children’s Day to Orphans

As every year Children’s Day was observed by distributing free clothes and eatables some orphan kids some children in the slum areas. The children of Shimmering Stars Acheelles Public School participated in the activity.

16.Celebration of Festivals with Orphan Kids and Autistic Children

We have always tried to make our specially abled children feel special. Hence, we celebrate all festivals with them in a big way. Diwali, Saraswati Puja, Makar Sankranti, Ganesh Puja etc were celebrated in a big way with them.

17.Joy of Giving Week

We collected many old items which included clothes, toys, electronics etc from various slum areas of Cuttack to mark the Joy of Giving Week. We made the children of various schools participate in the drive including Shimmering Stars and Acheelles Public Schools.

18.“Shram Dhaan” for Environment Cleaning

On the eve of World Labour Day, we organized an environment cleaning drive by school children and staff. They volunteered for “Shram Daan”.

19. Various Inter School and Intra School Competitions Organized

Many Competitions like Dance, Painting, Fancy Dress, Handwriting, Song, Rhymes, Debate etc were organized among students of different schools to showcase and recognize the talent in them.

20. Science Exhibition and craft mela by Autistic Children

A small Science Exhibition and Craft Mela was organized where the special children displayed their creativity, analytical ability and talent.

21. Site Visit for Orphan Children

May orphan children were taken out for site seeing to various places like Deer park, Temple, Supermarkets etc. along with the children of our school.

22. Summer Camp

A two weeks summer camp for the autistic children was organized during the summer vacation which was filled with lot of activities, games, fun and learning. The children enjoyed the camp thoroughly.

23. Annual Sports Meet of School Managed by Trust

The Annual Sports Meet Day of the schools managed by the Trust was held in the month of Dec. All the children were encouraged to participate in various sports competitions on the day and winners were felicitated on the victory stand with medals. Special competition was organized for the children.

24. Grand Annual Day of the Schools Managed by Trust

The Grand Annual Day of Shimmering Stars and Acheelles Public Day was observed in the month of February with an evening full of entertainment for the kids. Spell bounding performance were given by the special as well as the normal kids.