AAECT has been formed by a group of socially aware and from walks of life. The Managing Trustee (President) of the Trust Dr. Shipra Mishra (famously known as Meghana Mishra) is a popular face in Odisha film and TV industry which makes her an influential person for the common man. Other members comprise of Occupational Therapist, Clinical Psychologists, Teachers and Social Activists. The right mix of team member help us achieve our better.

Governing Body/ Trustees

Dr. Shipra Mishra (Meghna), Founder, Managing Trustee

Actor, Entrepreneur, Educationist and Social Activist

She is a, MBA and has completed her PhD from Utkal University in the area of Human Resource Management.She has also completed Diploma in Early Childhood Psychology and Teaching and is currently pursuing B.Ed. A gold medalist in her career, she has also been pursuing a career in acting (Odia Films & TV) quite actively since last 15 years which has made her a household name and a socially influential person in Odisha. Paucity of child centered play schools in Cuttack inspired her to initiate a model Play School in Cuttack in the year 2008 which is one of its kinds in the city. She developed a keen interest in the field of child psychology and did a detailed research before designing the School and its activities. Since last 8 year she has also started working for intellectually disabled specially abled children which comes from the fact that her brother is a case of aspeargus syndrome and she always wanted to bring awareness in the society for these kind of children who find it difficult to sustain in the society in every sphere of life. Setting aside her flourishing career in cinema and quitting her well paying job as a lecturer, she decided to dedicate her life and capacities in the field of education, work for the specially abled children and also for the most neglected section of our society- the senior citizens. Today Dr. Mishra is actively working for the above cause with the support of different people in which her identity as an actor always has been beneficial. She has started taking keen interest in various social issues and aims to add some value in the upliftment of the society and betterment of the downtrodon and underpriviledged. A tech savy lady, Dr. Mishra is having very innovatve idea of her dream Project Acheelles Public School- a School in Natures Lap where Technology and nature will be in harmony.

Mrs. Manjusri Mishra, Secretary

Teaching is what she has done all her life. Children and education have been her first and last love. She has dedicated her life to education and keeps researching on innovative and interesting ways of teaching. Teachin pre-primary and primary children has been her personal favorite. She also finds bliss in visiting orphanages and spending time with those children by offering them free teaching. She hold a Diploma in Elementary Education and also heads the pre-primary school (Shimmering Stars Play School) run by the Trust as the Principal.

Mrs. Anjali Das, Treasurer

Counselor, Psychologist

With an M. Phil in Psychology(Clinical& Counseling) from Department of Psychology ,Vani Vihar, Utkal University, she started her career as a Life skill counselor ,organizing and implementing Life skill workshops for school and college students, parents and teachers of Cuttack, Khurdha, Puri and Jagatsingpur districts. She has worked with manu leading NGOs of the State for the- Capacity building for the functionaries of childcare institutions of Cuttack Dhenkanal and Kendrapara districts.. Currently she is associated with OSACS as a Counsellor (ICTC-II) where her key resposibilites include conducting pre and post HIV diagnosis counseling, Extensive medical training, Wide experience with immunology and pharmaceuticals, assist HIV positive clients in developing drug treatment regimens and to develop a risk reduction plan and counseled families of HIV positive clients on emotional support. For her enormous contribution for the society as a social worker, she has been honored as State TOT for PPTCT and with Pandit Godabarish Mishra award . She is an active member of AAECT.

With a M.Phil in Psychology , she has been associated with the Social Sector in the field of Counseling. She has been working for


Occupational therapist, educational consultant and academic developer:

Mrs Sonali das is an occupational therapist by profession and works with all the reputed NGOS in the area dealing with children. She is young and has dedicated her life in the service of mankind in the true sense. She certainly has a craving for dealing with children who are otherwise taken as a problem in the society. She has completed her bachelor’s in occupational therapy from the National Institute of Rehabilitation Training and Research, Olatpur, Cuttack. She went ahead in the field and has completed her level 1 certification in an award winning curriculum called handwriting without tears, from USA. She has also completed two levels of sensory integration certification from the university of southern California. Without opting for a job outside the state she dedicated her life to the ones who required her in the state of Orissa where a child with paediatric problems was considered as a taboo in the society. Recently she has entered the field of inclusion by designing age and developmentally appropriate curriculums for children. Her vast interest in the paediatrics age group has gained tremendous response and now she sees herself as a part of modern education system.

Shri Kartik Parikshya, Trustee


A Geologist by Profession , an IIT Kharapur alumni with a bright academic career record he has been out of Odisha for quite a long period for his profession. But that has not kept his hear away from his motherland. Presently, based in London, his heart is where his home is –i.e. Odisha. Though physically away, his mind and heart has always been with the activities of the trust and he has been a constant guide and advisor for the smooth functioning of the Trust.

Shri Chandan Mohanty, Trustee

Insurance Advisor and Social Activist

A long and successful career in insurance , made him travel all over Odisha and that exposed him to the ground realities of poverty, illiteracy , lack of awareness and many more social milieu. It wasn’t long before he developed the urge to do something for the betterment of the society. So he decided to quit form his well paying job , set aside his comfortable life, and dedicate his time for the betterment of the society. A special project on Rehabilitation of Beggars and Destitute , A Geriatric Center and an Old Age Home are being Spearheaded by him. With the support of SSEPD Department, these projects are being designed for the upliftment of the targeted group.